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Bioresin - Eco-friendly Clear Casting Epoxy Resin
Bioresin - Eco-friendly Clear Casting Epoxy Resin
Bioresin - Eco-friendly Clear Casting Epoxy Resin
Bioresin - Eco-friendly Clear Casting Epoxy Resin

Bioresin - Eco-friendly Clear Casting Epoxy Resin

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Dear customers, due to shortages in packaging supplies during this pandemic, please take note that we might substitute the packaging with something similar, i.e. it might not be exactly same as the one pictured here. However, rest assured that the amount of material will not be affected. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Create crystal clear resin castings with eco-friendly bioresin. Superior quality with UV stability to prevent fast yellowing as commonly seen in off-the-shelf brands of resin. Imported from California, this bioresin is of the highest clarity and quality, on top of being environment-friendly.

As opposed to traditional resins that are composed primarily of petroleum-based materials, bioresins contain biobased renewable materials sourced as co-products or from waste streams of other industrial processes, such as wood pulp and bio-fuels production.

This reduces environmental impact through a significant reduction in CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions from processing, eliminating harmful byproducts and reducing power and water consumption.

Our founder personally uses this for all her resin jewellery work. Tried and tested after working and experimenting with various brands and types of resins for more than 7 years. The photos in this listing shows some of her resin work using this brand of resin.

Please take note that protective respirator masks must be worn when working with this resin due to the fumes emitted during the curing process. We recommend getting our reusable respirator mask with organic vapour cartridges as they can filter out resin fumes.


Potential uses are:

  • Resin Jewellery
  • Art and Sculptures
  • Encapsulation or Embedding

Product information about the resin:

Super Sap CCR Clear Casting Resin is a low viscosity castable epoxy system designed specifically for casting, embedding, and high build coating applications.

With industry leading UV stability, Super Sap CCR allows for crystal clear resin castings with excellent color stability.

Slow cure speeds and low exotherm temperatures allow for bulk castings or high build coatings that release air bubbles well.

Acceptance of colour pigments makes them ideal for any art or hobby application.

Kits are comprised of Super Sap CCR Epoxy and CCF (FAST) Hardener.

Note: FAST hardener should ONLY be used for low volume (less than 1 pint) casting applications with thicknesses below 1″. Using FAST hardener for larger volumes or thicknesses can result in exothermic cures that will damage the resin.


Processing Info:

  • Mix Ratio (by volume) - 2:1
  • Mixed Viscosity (@ 25°C) - 280 cP
  • Pot Life (100g @ 25°C) - 90mins
  • Track Free Time (@ 25°C) - 24 hrs
  • Recommend Full Cure - 7 days @ 25°C, post cure recommended.


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