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These are basically our various arts and craft kits that you can get for yourself or someone you love to get started on a creative little project. From epoxy resin starter kits to the best resin craft kits and even to resin coaster starter kits and flower earring jewellery starter kits, there are so many options to choose from in Singapore.

Think of it as signing up for a quick crafts session where everything is prepared for you and you get to walk away with a personal piece of art at the end of it – all from the convenience of your own home.



Many people think that only experts can delve into the huge range of arts and craft activities, but we say these starter kits are the perfect start for beginners to delve into and explore their creative and artsy side. It offers a great starting point because everything you need for this little art project is already included for you. For experts, it is a cute and fun endeavour that can take your mind off things as you enjoy the convenience of creating something personal with the convenience of having everything prepared and wrapped up in a single package.

Get started on a project of your choice right here in Singapore and you’ll end up creating an item for personal use. Whether it is a resin coaster, a display art, or a set of jewellery to wear out, you can be sure that nothing feels as amazing as making a piece of art that is dazzling as it is functional.



All instructions, material for use and a picture of the end product can be found included with the starter kit that you have purchased. Even beginners should find it easy to complete their art piece by following the instructions found included in the set. While the end product will definitely look different from what you will end up with, let your personal imagination go wild as you decorate and work on your personal piece of art.

Still not sure what to get for you or your loved ones? Start with our epoxy resin starter kit or choose from the best resin craft kits that we have, fun little projects that are easy to mould yet offer a unique challenge. Aside from the main instructions of crafting the base or foundation of the art piece, you are free to be creative in the colouring or mixing processes to end up with a work of art that you can both love and be proud of.