Lifetime Membership

Introducing to you a new Resin Play Membership! 
Members can enjoy a lifetime 10% discount off all supplies and receive 1 complimentary workshop worth $100.



How to apply?

If you have accumulated a total spend of $3000 in a year or spent a minimum of $800 in a single order, our team will contact you personally via WhatsApp. The spending is calculated based on purchases made on art supplies only; any purchases on workshops, services or shipping fees will not count towards the qualifying amount.

Please take note that if you are already on a private promotion scheme with Resin Play, you will not be able to apply for the membership, unless you have made your purchase(s) without utilising the private promotion schemes.


Membership FAQ

1. Can I combine my orders from 2019 and 2020 to accumulate a total spend of $3000?

Yes, as long as your orders on supplies* are within a one year time frame. E.g. June 2019 to June 2020. 

*Workshop sign ups are not included.

2. Will the purchase of discounted or promotional items count towards this accumulation or single order spend?

Yes, as long as they are promotions and discounts available to the public (not a private promotion scheme with us). The amount that will be counted is the final amount paid, less the discounts.

3. Will the purchase of workshop slots, private workshops, custom services, or shipping fees paid, count towards this accumulation or single order spend?

No. The qualifying amount is based on the purchase(s) of art supplies only. Workshop sign ups, services (e.g. custom work) and shipping fees paid will not count towards the accumulation or single order spend amount. 

4. Can I combine orders from more than 1 account?

Unfortunately, no. All orders need to be made under a single account. Members will receive a personalised discount code which is only valid for that account.

4. Am I limited to only workshops worth $100 for my complimentary session?

You may choose any of the workshops, subject to availability. If the price is more than $100, you will only need to top up the remaining amount. E.g Top up only $250 for Resin Jewellery Masterclass (U.P. $350).

5. Can my friend use my discount code to get 10% off his/her purchase?

No, the discount code is only valid for purchases made under your account.


Terms and Conditions

  • The discount is only valid for regular-priced art supplies. It is not valid for clearance and sale items, workshop sign ups, private workshops or any other services (e.g. custom work).
  • Discount can only be used for purchases made under your registered account.
  • Redemption of complimentary workshop is only valid for 3 months from the start date of membership.
  • No rescheduling or cancellation is allowed once your slot for the redeemed complimentary workshop is confirmed.
  • Any misuse of the discount code may result in termination of membership.