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Feeling lucky or in the mood for a surprise? Why not get our mystery grab bag that contains useful resin art supplies, plus a 20g resin kit and more! The value of each grab bag is > $80, so you enjoy 50% off or more.

Each grab bag will contain items for resin art, which may include some (not guaranteed all) of the following items: resin pigments, moulds, trays, tools and other accessories. They may contain a few clearance items, which are unused and brand new. Rest assured that all items in the grab bag are useful and applicable for resin art projects. We will not put unusable, old, or used stock in this mystery bag.

Each grab bag contains one 20g totalcast resin kit which you can use with the other items included in the grab bag.

If you have purchased with us before, we will check your order history and try our best to ensure that we do not send you something that you have already purchased before (based on existing, trackable order data that you have with us). If you purchase more than one grab bag, we will also try our best to send you a variety of items.