Art Tree Creations Pastel Opaque Epoxy Pigments

Art Tree Creations Pastel Opaque Epoxy Pigments

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Epoxy H2O Opaque pigment (45ml)

Coloured pigment specifically designed for colouring resin. This pigment is concentrated and can be used to create an opaque colour or used sparingly to create a translucent colour in your resin art or resin jewellery.

Mixable colours, each pigment will combine & mix well together to create your very own one of a kind colour!

The pastes combined with our H2O opaque pigments can assist in creating lacing and cell effects. Please refer to the drop down selection - H2O opaque pigments are indicated as (H2O), while those without the indication are epoxy pigment pastes.

Please note, as these colour pigments are in a water soluble base they are not suitable for polyurethane and polyester resins.