Artist Powder Sets For Resin & Jesmonite - Set Of 12

Artist Powder Sets For Resin & Jesmonite - Set Of 12

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Limited edition set of assorted artist powder pigments. These versatile pigments are suitable for use with epoxy resin, Jesmonite and other binders.

Start by mixing a small pea-sized amount into resin or a suitable binder. Gradually add more until you achieve your desired opacity. You can achieve different intensities by varying the amount of powders mixed into resin.

For complete dispersion of the powder pigment in its binder, we strongly recommend the use of a glass muller and slab or a pestle and mortarAs compared to simply mixing the powder pigments into resin or Jesmonite, this method offers better consistency and smoothness. You may store the pigments in your own storage jars for future use.

Please take note that if you simply mix the powder pigments into resin or Jesmonite with a stir stick, there may be undissolved clumps of pigments. 

Also available in sets of 6 and set of 9Check out all limited edition pigment box sets here

All powders are packed by volume in a 10ml jar.

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