Ranger Heat It Craft Tool
Ranger Heat It Craft Tool

Ranger Heat It Craft Tool

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If you are not too keen on using an open flame, this heat tool can also be be used to burst bubbles on your resin artworks. The reduced air flow prevents resin from splashing or moving too much.

This heat tool can also be used to melt embossing powder, heat set or dry ink without overheating and burning projects. Gentle air flow keeps your powders in place! It is quiet, ergonomic, quick, and safe! 

This tool is also great for: shrinking plastic and tubing, quick drying inks and paints, and for all your craft heating needs.

Safe - no protruding metal tip and UL approved - use it with confidence! It is quick and works as fast as a heat gun. Comfortable to use with convenient single-hand operation.

Measures approximately 8.9cm x 16.5cm x 7cm.

Store indoors. 220-240V (Compatible with Singapore / UK electrical plug).