Regular 2" Sanding Disc Pad With Sandpaper
Regular 2" Sanding Disc Pad With Sandpaper
Regular 2" Sanding Disc Pad With Sandpaper

Regular 2" Sanding Disc Pad With Sandpaper

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No more manual sanding! Save time and take control of your resin finishing with this handy regular 2" sanding disc pad set. Simply attach the sandpaper to the velcro side of the pad, affix it to an electric hand drill, and you are all set to go!

This 2" regular size is easy to use and great for sanding off sharp resin edges or flaws on larger resin pieces such as trinket trays and coasters. This time-saving tool can also be used to sand other materials such as polymer clay, wood, etc.

If you need a smaller sanding disc pad to sand items such as jewellery pendants, we recommend getting the mini sanding disc pad set instead.

We always recommend starting from the lowest grit size, and slowly sanding your way up to the highest grit size. Though it is still best to perform a small test on a sample before you embark on your project.

After sanding

your resin pieces to the highest grit, you may consider polishing it with our wool felt polishing pads and resin polish for a smoother finish. For a high gloss finish, it is still best to polish your pieces on a bench buffing machine (with a buffing mop wheel and resin polishing compound). 

Each regular sanding disc pad includes 100 pieces of 2" sandpaper refill. You will receive approximately 10 pieces each of the following grit sizes: 

  • P80 (Coarsest)
  • P100
  • P180
  • P240
  • P600
  • P800
  • P1000
  • P1200
  • P2000
  • P3000 (Finest)

Please take note that the sandpaper refill will be packed in a single bag, so you will need to spend some time sorting out the different grit sizes on your own.

This regular sanding disc pad is compatible with most conventional electric hand drills (which is not included).

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