Create Objects of Beauty With SmileStone

Easy to use, non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe for home use

Design and create beautiful jewellery and unique homeware in the comfort of your home.

SmileStone is easy to use, non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe for home use. It is an ideal material for casting jewellery, coasters, planters and other decorative products. Due to its stone-like material, it is perfect for creating terrazzo and marble effects in your designs.

Simply mix, colour and pour into any mould of your choice to create your dream object. Much like baking, the making process is fun and very therapeutic.

Get started today with our SmileStone craft kits, designed for beginners.

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Jewellery created with our Terrazzo & Marble Jewellery Starter Kit 

Coasters created with our Terrazzo & Marble Coaster Starter Kit

Jewellery and Coasters handcrafted using SmileStone™ Extra White