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Where are the workshops held?

Our workshops are held at the Resin Play studio located at 1 Jalan Berseh, #02-28C, New World Centre, Singapore 209037. For directions to Resin Play, please visit our store info page.


Are all the materials included? Any additional costs? 

Unless otherwise stated, all materials will be provided. The amount that you paid on our website is the final cost. You will not need to pay for anything else, unless you have broken our studio rules (e.g. not following instructions, resulting in wastage or spillage) or choose to top up for additional materials on the day of the workshop itself. 


Can I find out what will be taught and what I will make during the workshop?

Yes of course! Please click on the workshop that you are interested in from this page and read the workshop description thoroughly. We include all the information in each individual workshop listing.


Do I need to bring anything to the workshop?

Nope! Just bring your creative self and an open mind.


What should I wear to the workshop?

As it can get a little messy and dirty working with resin, we advise wearing old clothes as resin cannot be washed off once it comes into contact with fabric. An apron will be provided to protect your clothing but we cannot guarantee that fully so do bring a set of old clothes to change into.


Do I need prior experience to attend the workshops?

Unless otherwise stated, our workshops are catered to beginners with no need for any prior experience. It's a bonus if you already have already started working with resin - you can challenge yourself to be better during the workshops.

If a prerequisite is required (usually for intermediate and advanced workshops), it will be stated in the workshop listing. We will advise which workshops you would need to attend as a prerequisite. In such cases, please make sure that you have the necessary prerequisites before signing up.


Is there a minimum age requirement to attend the workshops?

Unless we state it is a "kid-friendly" workshop, all our workshops are meant for participants above the age of 16 years old.

If we have stated that it is "kid-friendly" workshop in the description, please take note that the minimum age requirement is 7 years old.  


Who will be conducting the workshop?

Intermediate and advanced workshops are conducted by our founder, Elaine Tan. Elaine has close to 9 years of experience in working with resins, and is the designer of the following brands Amado GudekAlfie De Meow and Analog Cufflinks.

All basic workshops (no prerequisite required) are conducted by either Elaine or our studio teacher (Jayne) trained under Elaine. You may like to visit this page for more information on our teachers.


Will I be able to continue making resin art / jewellery on my own at home?

Yes, most definitely! Our workshops are designed to make it easy for you to work from home once you have acquired the necessary skills. We sell the materials in our store, as well as starter kits for you to Resin Play at home. For certain tools or supplies that we do not sell in our store (usually because they are readily available, and easily obtained elsewhere), please ask during the workshop and we will share with you where to purchase them from.


I booked a workshop for myself. Can my friend accompany me to the workshop, even though she is not taking part in it?

Only workshop attendees will be allowed into our workshop area to learn and play with resin. If your friend has not booked a session with us, he or she will not be able to sit in beside you to wait for you or accompany you. Exceptions are only allowed for kids that require parental accompaniment (subject to approval).


Can I bring my own materials or creations to the workshop to work on during the class?

If you want to bring your own materials to be used for the creation of the product(s) in our class, please check with us prior to the workshop. We may or may not allow it, depending on whether it is in line with what we are doing during the workshop.

However, you will NOT be allowed to bring your own work made outside the workshop to finish, sand or experiment at our workshop. Even if you have finished the class early, you are not allowed to use our space, tools or materials to work on your own personal work or anything not pertaining to the class.

If you require help or guidance for a specific project that you are working on, please enquire with us us for a private session.

Students who are unreasonable and abuse the use of our space and tools or materials will be asked to leave.


I see that there is a part 2 component of the workshop that I am interested in. How do I go about booking that? Why is that cost not included in my workshop cost?

You may book your part 2 jewellery assembly slot here. You may book the part 2 component together with your part 1 workshop or after you have attended the first part of the workshop - either way is okay. Please book early to secure your seat, last minute booking is not recommended.

We do not lump the costs in together with the first component of the workshop, because we often get students who only want to learn the resin component (part 1), and not the finishing or jewellery assembly component (part 2).  


I've signed up for a workshop but am unable to make it. Can I ask for a refund or can I reschedule my slot?

We do not allow cancellations or rescheduling once an order has been placed on our website (which includes workshop bookings). So please check to make sure that you can absolutely make it for the workshop slot before you proceed to book.



Are your workshops kid-friendly? What is the minimum age for kids? 

Some, but not all our workshops are kid-friendly. To check if a particular workshop is suitable for kids, kindly click on the specific workshop - kid-friendly workshops will state that it is "kid-friendly" in the description. Alternatively, you may browse all our kid-friendly workshops here.

For kid-friendly workshops, the minimum age requirement is 7 years old.  


I booked a workshop for my kid(s). Can I accompany them to the workshop?

We advise you to book a slot for yourself if you are planning to have a parent-child bonding session.

However, if you wish to accompany them for valid reason(s), please drop us an email to enquire and we will do our best to accommodate, subject to approval and space availability.



Will I be able to 'rent' the workshop space to play with resin?

We have designated drop-in sessions only for students that have attended our workshops. The sessions are charged on an hourly basis, and you will get to use all our colour pigments and mixing tools (cups, stirrers, etc.) in the comfort of our cosy studio. You will need to bring your own additional materials (resin and canvas can be purchased from us).

The drop-in session is recommended for students with minimal space at home, or for those who wish to experiment or play with resin without having to invest in a full set of pigments and tools.

To book a drop-in session, please email or call us at least 2 days in advance. Subject to space availability.

Kindly note that we will not be able to guide you during drop-in sessions. If you still require our guidance and help, we advise you to take up another workshop to familiarise yourself with resin.



Is the resin safe to use? Is it safe for kids to use? 

Rest assured that in all our kid-friendly workshops, we only use certified non-toxic resin, which is safe to use at home without the need for respiratory masks. The resin that we use is totalCAST, ASTM certified (D-4236) non-hazardous and non-toxic, and is safe for older kids (under strict guidance of proper handling, i.e. adult spervision) as there are no fumes emitted at ambient temperature. totalCAST resin is also free of BPA (unlike the other resins), and according to our experience and customer feedback, it works well for most people, even those with high levels of sensitivity.

However, if you are known to be allergic to resin of any form, we do not recommend you to join the workshop. Participants must follow our safety instructions to avoid any harm. We will not be liable for any damages or allergic reactions caused during the workshop.


What is the difference between totalCAST, UltraCAST, ArtResin and bioresin?

All our resins, except bioresin, are certified non-toxic and can be used in the comfort of your homes. Our bioresin is a biodegradable resin that is eco-friendly once cured. However, bioresin releases fumes when working with it, hence you will need proper respiratory masks and work in an open space with adequate ventilation.

In general, our non-toxic resins (totalCAST, UltraCAST and ArtResin) are more viscous (stickier) than our bioresin, hence, most of them can be used for both casting and coating / doming. Bioresin is our least viscous (very fluid) resin and hence more suitable for casting.

Bioresin is also more durable and cures the hardest, and has superior UV resistance. We do not recommend using bioresin if you are working from home and/or in the presence of kids.


What is viscosity? What is the difference in viscosity between totalCAST, UltraCAST and ArtResin?

Viscosity is the resistance of a fluid to a change in shape, or movement of neighbouring portions relative to one another. It is important to understand viscosity in relation to application, to know which brand of resin works best for your needs.

When a resin is extremely viscous, it means it is thicker and stickier, and will not flow as fast. A high viscosity is good for creating more defined patterns and marble effects in resin art. However, too high a viscosity may not be suitable for casting as it may not flow easily into every corner of the mould cavity, creating bubbles in tight corners.

When a resin has very low viscosity, it means that it is very fluid, and flows freely and easily. A low viscosity is good for casting or creating free-flowing effects in resin art. That also means that there will be a greater chance of colours overlapping each over and being more 'mixed' when casting or doing resin pours.

  • totalCAST: Moderately high viscosity, shortest working time 
  • ArtResin: Medium viscosity, moderate working time
  • UltraCAST: Low viscosity, longest working time 

However, you will also need to take note that there are many other factors affecting the outcomes of castings and resin pours, such as the pot lives and cure times of the resins used. 


How much working time do I get for totalCAST, UltraCAST and ArtResin?

totalCAST has a very short working time and is good for casting small objects and creating small pieces of artworks. If you want something with a slightly longer working time, ArtResin is recommended. If you want to make even larger items such as tables and gigantic resin artworks where a much longer working time is required, you should use UltraCAST. UltraCAST offers the longest working time.  


Between totalCAST, UltraCAST and ArtResin, which one is most suitable for making homeware objects?

Firstly, it depends on whether you need the homeware object to be food safe and whether you will be placing hot objects on it.

totalCAST, UltraCAST and ArtResin are all certified non-toxic, the fully cured resins are safe for incidental and direct contact with food (e.g. serving), but not suitable for food preparation (e.g. cooking, cutting). 

totalCAST and Art Resin not resistant to high temperatures and may dry soft. Hence, you may use totalCAST and ArtResin to make serving wares for dry or cold foods, or to add a splash of colour to the handles of cheeseboards and cutlery.

UltraCAST is resistant to high temperatures of 90 - 95°C, hence, you may use UltraCAST to make coasters, placemats, serving trays or tables for placement of very hot objects.


Do all the resins cure hard? 

Bioresin and UltraCAST cures the sturdiest and most rigid of them all. totalCAST may cure soft (if there is too much moisture in the air), while ArtResin cures the softest of them all. If your casting is thin and you want something more sturdy and rigid, UltraCAST is a better option.

However, please take note that incorrect handling and mixing of resin may result in the resin not curing properly (tacky, soft, etc.).


There are so many different properties for each brand, how do I know which one is the best for me?

It really depends on what you are looking for as well as the nature of your resin project. As much as we wish to only work with one type of resin, there is no one brand that can fit all requirements. Here's a handy summary of the 4 brands of resins that we carry, based on our own experience of working with them. Hopefully this will help you to make a better decision on which brand of resin you should be using for your projects(s):

  • totalCAST: Most versatile resin
    • 2-in-1! Can be used for both casting and resin pour / coating.
    • Its moderately high viscosity is very good for creating defined patterns and marble effects (does not overlap or bleed too much, stays in place quite nicely).
    • Sensitive to moisture, especially in a humid country like Singapore. When's there too much moisture in the air (e.g. when in rains) the resin can cure a bit soft (not so suitable if you need your casts to be very rigid and hard). However, if air moisture is low, it can still cure rigid.
    • Shortest working time of all, great for small casts or artworks (may not be suitable for large artworks unless you can work fast).
    • Certified non-toxic, safe for home use, suitable for incidental or direct contact with food.
    • Low heat resistance, not suitable for placement of very hot objects on its surface.
    • Low to no odour, suitable for people with high sensitivity.
  • ArtResin: Most widely used brand by resin artists worldwide
    • Great for coating artworks or resin pours.
    • Superior resistance to yellowing.
    • Offers a longer working time than totalCAST.
    • Medium viscosity, so resin flows a bit more than totalCAST. Good if you prefer more fluidity.
    • Dries very soft, regardless of moisture in the air. Hence may not be suitable for casting if you need your objects to be rigid and hard.
    • Certified non-toxic, safe for home use, suitable for incidental or direct contact with food.
    • Low heat resistance, not suitable for placement of very hot objects on its surface.
    • There is a slight odour. We recommend using it in a well-ventilated area with personal protection equipment.
  • UltraCAST: Extended working time, heat resistant, cost effective
    • Longest working time of all resins. Great for making super large resin artworks or resin furniture.
    • Also the most affordable resin of all our non-toxic resins.
    • High heat resistance, suitable for the placement of very hot objects on its surface.
    • Low viscosity, flows very freely. However, there may be a chance of colours overlapping or bleeding into each other.
    • There is a slight odour. We recommend using it in a well-ventilated area with personal protection equipment.
  • Bioresin: Only for professionals
    • Good working time, high clarity, extremely resistant to yellowing.
    • It's extremely low viscosity makes it suitable for jewellery castings, embedments - very little bubbles.
    • Eco-friendly! Made from biobased renewable materials, this resin is biodegradable.
    • Not really recommended for resin pours unless high fluidity is desired.
    • Not suitable for thick casts (the resin will smoke and be damaged).
    • Toxic fumes emitted, harmful to our bodies. Not to be used at home and/or in the presence of kids. Must be used in a well-ventilated area with proper respiratory equipment. 




Any discounts for group bookings?

Yes! For group bookings of 5 or more pax for an already scheduled workshop in our calendar (not a custom or private workshop), please email us for a special rate.


Do you offer custom, private or corporate workshops?

Yes we do! Our most interesting one to date was a hen party workshop. 

We can customise workshop experiences to your needs as well. So if you are planning a product launch, we can also customise an experience for your customers around your brand.

Please fill up the enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Any discounts for large groups of corporate bookings?

Yes. Discounts vary depending on workshop type, level of customisation and no. of pax.

Please fill up the enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


How many pax can your studio accommodate?

Our studio space can accommodate up to 8 - 10 pax (depending on the type of workshop). If you have more than 10 pax, we will be happy to conduct the workshop at your office / premises.


Can you conduct the workshops at our office / premises?

Yes we can, but you will need to provide tables and chairs in your office / premises. An offsite fee will be charged.



How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

Please visit our delivery and returns page for more information on your order dispatch time.


I placed an order but changed my mind. Can I cancel it?

Once an order is placed, no cancellation is available.


I've opted to pick up my order from the store. So when can I pick up my order?

Please visit our delivery and returns page for more information on your order pick up time.


What types of payment do you accept?

At the moment, we only accept payment via PayPal, debit or credit card via our secure checkout process.

If you would like to pay in cash, you are advised to drop by our retail store during opening hours to make your purchase.


Do you offer gift wrap?

All our jewellery and gift items come with their own branded packaging (shown in each item's listing), which is suitable for personal use or gifting.

We do not offer gift wrap for resin, silicone and resin pigment supplies. If you require gift wrap for these items, please contact us before placing your order.