Resin Consultation Service

We understand that resin is a rather technical material, and it does take some time to learn how to play with it. Resin troubleshooting can be a real pain and takes up a lot of time and money. 

Fret not, Resin Play is here to help! With 10 years of experience in working with resin, we are hopeful that we can answer all your burning questions.

If you purchase your supplies from Resin Play, you will gain access to our personal resin consultation service - for free!*

Once you have purchased from us and need personal advice on using or troubleshooting your Resin Play supplies, please call +65 9011 2628 or WhatsApp us. Please have your order number ready as we will need you to quote your order number to access our resin consultation service*, exclusively available for free* to Resin Play customers.

*Please take note that this service is only free for Resin Play customers, based on the items purchased, and capped at 20 minutes. You must quote your order number for us to assist you with the supplies that you have purchased from us.

If you did not purchase the supplies from us, but require personal assistance on your projects, you can still access our resin consultation for a fee. We encourage you to follow us on Instagram as we conduct Live demos and share many resin tips for free. You may also visit our FAQ page for more info on resin.