Sharing our students' reviews of their experience at Resin Play!

Love love love this place! So many different activities to learn and I have fallen in love with resin art and alcohol inks! Elaine is patient and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!"
-Weng Yan Nash (Workshop attended: Resin Art, Jewellery making)


"It was really fun! While I had zero experience, the lesson was well-organised and easy to follow so there was actually no need to worry. The instructor, Elaine, was knowledgeable and super willing to share and guide each of us. I also really liked how she encouraged us to try new things :) There was a wide array of colours and embellishments (flakes, chains, beads, etc) to experiment with! And on top of that, the studio was cosy with a nice view. It was a lovely way to spend the weekend, I'll definitely be back for more :)"
- Jane C (Workshop attended: Jewellery making)


"The workshop experience was as fun as I thought it would be. Loved the freedom to be able to come up with our very own personal designs. Looking forward to receiving the end product!!"
- Venice W (Workshop attended: Coaster making)


"Elaine is a great teacher and very generous in sharing about what to look out for in your creations. I thoroughly enjoy her workshop and have been considering to sign up for another workshop soon!"
- Joree S (Workshop attended: Mould-making and Resin casting) 


"Attended some other workshops before and never chanced upon a resin workshop. It was such fate that I was asked last minute by a friend and I thought why not! And I definitely did not regret. It was really fun and foundations were taught before a step by step process on how-to create (with some tips). Materials were fully provided and there were no limitations on the range of colours we could use. The things we could use to build our mould and create the final product is just so unlimited. And I think that’s the fun about resin art (: definitely a must-go workshop! "
- Huiling L (Workshop attended: Mould-making and Resin Casting)


"An overall interesting and well planned workshop. The instructors are also very efficient, lively and patient :)"
- Nisreen (Workshop attended: Alcohol Ink and Brass Tray)


"My wife and I enjoyed and learned a lot from Jayne on the basics and do’s & don’ts for Resin Art on Canvas and we have also signed up our next class for Resin Art on coasters too. During the 2-hour session, the entire process was well delivered and simple to follow. Working on the piece of canvas with the colour and resin was really therapeutic and fun. Apart from creativity, the most amazing thing I learned was to use the tools to correct my art piece at corners and edges of the canvas…Thanks again for a great 2-hour basic session. I’m sure my wife and I would sign up for more different types of workshops soon. Cheers!"
- William L (Workshop attended: Resin Art)


"The workshop was tiring but awesome! Love the final product and gave me a new appreciation for the effort and care put into each resin piece. Elaine was so patient and lovely and made the workshop a very enjoyable experience :)"
- Annabelle C (Workshop attended: Mould-making and Resin Casting)


"Everything was well set up, teacher paid equal attention to everyone and gave good tips. Good attention to details - comfort of the room is good and music adds to the atmosphere. Really enjoyed my time there."
- Ashley C (Workshop attended: Alcohol Ink and Brass Tray)


"The workshop was very insightful! I appreciated the open sharing of information on the various suppliers/ materials used. Overall, a very enjoyable class :)"
- Gladys L (Workshop attended: Jewellery making)


"This was truly an enjoyable experience for me and my very first hand at resin. The process was somewhat therapeutic for me and the end result made me feel excited all over again."
-Mavis C (Workshop attended: Jewellery making)


"Had a great time with the workshop! Worth flying all the way from Indonesia :)"
- Catherine S (Workshop attended: Resin art)


"The hands- on workshop was fun! The instructor was patient and explained the techniques and steps clearly. The unlimited use of flakes and flowers gives us a lot of flexibility and gave us more room for expressing our creativity! Greatly appreciated!"
- Yanling (Workshop attended: Jewellery making)


"I had an enjoyable experience creating my own resin art piece for the first time. The guidance of Elaine and her assistant helped ease me into the process of handling a new material like resin. I will most definitely join in for another class to expand my knowledge and improve my skills!"
- Emily O (Workshop attended: Resin art)


"I'd been stalking Elaine's various brands so the minute news came that she was opening Resin Play I jumped at the chance to learn about resin with her! Her workshop is cozy and welcoming, and that made going for workshops alone a lot easier on me. I find that the workshops are easy to follow, even for slowpokes like me. One thing I really like is how the resin inclusions at hand to play around with are many and ever-growing, which is pretty amazing! As a crafting hobbyist I really appreciate the material's versatility and how it lets me play around with colours. Elaine readily shares techniques like marbling, and provides helpful guides like colour wheels if you buy resin supplies from her. Her workshops might require you to splurge a little, but I think all these make that a worthwhile investment, for sure. I'm looking forward to the chance to take more workshops with Resin Play in the future, and Elaine will definitely see me in her store to buy more stuff for my resin journey! Thanks Elaine! (: "
- Genevieve N (Workshops attended: Mould-making and Resin Casting, Jewellery making)


"I enjoyed myself immensely. Resin art on canvas was a good starting point for a newbie to resin like myself. You were very clear and helpful in your instructions too and that helped a lot. Thanks also for giving me the very informative overview on pigments and resin styles, Elaine! :) Will come in again soon!"
- Nicole M (Workshop attended: Resin art)


"Elaine was very patient with us, and thorough in explaining the steps. I loved the session - I find it really therapeutic seeing the inks bleed into the resin and still marvel at my final products. Would make for great Christmas and birthday presents!"
- Rae T (Workshop attended: Resin Art)


"I loved the session I had with Elaine and looking forward for lots more she is a great and patient teacher."
- Preya D Bhat (Workshop attended: Coaster making)


"Explore the resin medium at their cosy studio :) Elaine has shared practical tips and I really like how she embrace the 3Rs in her biz practice & do her part for the environment ♡"
- Xianyun Flo (Workshop attended: Jewellery making, Coaster making)


"Amazing class! I wanna go again! =) I appreciate how attentive and encouraging the staff were to each of us throughout our entire progress. It made my day. Looking forward to knowing more and attending the next class."
- Juice (Workshop attended: Resin Art)


"Was a great class - very interactive and just the right balance of theory and hands on. Thanks guys for making it so easy and comfortable for everybody!"
- Ravi Swaminathan (Workshops attended: Mould-making and Resin Casting)



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