Handmade Round Coaster Silicone Mould for Resin Casting

Handmade Round Coaster Silicone Mould for Resin Casting

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Round coaster silicone moulds designed and handmade by Resin Play! Unlike translucent moulds, this mint opaque mould makes it extremely easy for you to spot bubbles in the casting process (as bubbles are more visible on a coloured surface) so that you can quickly pop or release them.

  • Made from high quality Mintsil (Firm) silicone (Shore 40) for firmness and stability
  • Super high gloss finish - no further polishing required
  • Straight and flat coaster surface - no warped or caved in surface
  • Super clean edges - almost no finishing required
  • High quality silicone - reusable multiple times

An instruction sheet with tips on resin casting and mould care is included.

The dimensions of the round coaster are approximately 98mm in diameter x 5mm thickness.

This mould is designed for casting resin. If you are looking for the mould meant for casting concrete or Jesmonite, we recommend that you get the Jesmonite coaster mould instead.

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