Jesmonite Flexiguard Sealer (Nano-Tech)
Jesmonite Flexiguard Sealer (Nano-Tech)
Jesmonite Flexiguard Sealer (Nano-Tech)
Jesmonite Flexiguard Sealer (Nano-Tech)

Jesmonite Flexiguard Sealer (Nano-Tech)

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Flexiguard Sealer is based on nano-technology and is a water, stain-resistant, invisible sealer which creates a clear, UV-stable, and extremely durable surface for all Jesmonite composites when used externally. 

It is specifically designed to coat porous surfaces such as Jesmonite AC730

It provides protection against water, frost, mould growth and environmental chemical attack, including oxide corrosion by acid rainwater, corrosion by salt and other climatic coastal and marine conditions. 

This product, once applied, significantly reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance and is effectively permanent due to the chemical bond made with the Jesmonite substrate (subject to abrasion). It can be applied very easily almost anywhere – on site or in a manufacturing environment.

See the water beading test in the YouTube video below to understand how water forms into a bead and is unable to enter the surface of the Jesmonite piece, due to the nano-tech layer of the flexiguard sealer.

This sealer achieves an invisible surface finish.

1 bottle contains 1kg of Flexiguard sealer. 


We recommend that one coat of Flexiguard Sealer should be applied to the Jesmonite AC730 surface. Flexiguard Sealer should be spray applied as a mist coat onto the Jesmonite AC730 surface. 

It is important to ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry, and free from any grease or oil.

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