Jeweller's Bench Tool Kit

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An ideal bench tool kit for new and seasoned jewellers. This tool kit includes one high quality jeweller's saw frame, one hardwood bench pin with clamp, and 12 pieces of premium German-made saw blades (130mm long).

The jeweller's saw frame has a depth of 75mm to deliver the manoeuvrability you need to cut curves, angles, and corners. It is also adjustable so you can control the blade tension for saw blades up to 150mm long.

The German-made saw blades are made from hardened, tempered steel. All 12 saw blades included are uniform in pitch and size. You can refer to the video below for instructions on how to install the saw blade onto the saw frame. 

The jeweller's bench pin is essential to begin sawing blocks of wax or metal to create your masterpiece. The bench pin has a v-slot which provides superior access to make intricate cuts and the c-clamp will easily attach to surfaces with a benched edge of 10mm to 60mm thickness.

To use the bench pin, simply slip the clamp underneath the lip of the table and start tightening the bench pin. Once you are done, you can begin sawing.

You may also purchase the bench pin, jeweller's saw frame and wax saw blades individually.

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