4 Tips to Adopt When Doing Arts & Crafts with Your Kids

4 Tips to Adopt When Doing Arts & Crafts with Your Kids

It’s always much healthier for kids to engage in off-screen activities, especially in this digital age where pretty much everything is on-screen and online. Hands-on activities such as doing arts and crafts is one of the best ways for kids to take their eyes off screens, to unwind and have fun.

But let’s face it - art and craft activities can sometimes be a little messy and stressful, especially when you are doing it at home. Hence, we have compiled a list of useful tips to ensure that your creative projects with your kids are manageable, smooth, and enjoyable!

1. Plan Ahead of Time 

Having the right plan is essential to any activity, especially when it involves your little ones. We recommend that you plan your art projects at a suitable time when everyone is relaxed and fresh. Make a list of the activities you plan to do and get all the supplies that you need. You can start with our starter kits or contact our friendly team for more advice on the supplies that you may need.

Once you have all the supplies ready, allocate time to set up the activity before calling on your kids. Remember, kids may get impatient and lose interest while waiting for the adults to set up. Having everything beforehand will make it smoother for you to get them started right away. 

2. Choose the Right Space 

Consider the space you intend to use for these activities carefully. If you are working with materials such as crystal clear epoxy resin, we recommend doing it outdoors, so that the resin does not spill on any items in the house.

If you do not have an outdoor area, choose an area inside the house with ample space for your children to move around. Keep any valuable items and expensive furniture away from the space, so that they don’t touch them with their messy hands. 

When choosing a space for resin art, you will also need to take into consideration that resin takes 1 day to cure. So you will either need to have the space for the full day, or another dust-free spot to move the items over to for curing.

If not both options are not viable, fret not! We conduct workshops in our cosy studio right in the heart of the city. You can let your kids make a mess (and have a ton of fun) at any of our kid-friendly workshops. You can put your mind at complete ease as we will take care of the set up, cleaning and you can leave your artworks to cure in our studio. 

3. Do a Safety Check

At Resin Play, your safety is of utmost important to us, especially if you are working from the comfort of your home.

When you are getting all the resin art supplies, don’t forget to consider other essential safety and protective tools and equipment, such as protective mats and gloves. When you purchase a resin kit from us, you will also find detailed safety information in the kit for you and your kids to follow. Simply refer to the brochure included or contact us for assistance.

4. Prepare for Clean Up

Ensure that you have the right cleaning tools and trash bags to dispose any waste after your resin activity. Resin is a difficult material to remove, so you may consider getting some specialised cleaning supplies from us to make your cleaning a breeze.

If your kids are much older, you may want to consider involving them in the clean-up process too - not just so that you get an extra pair of hands to help, but also because it instils a sense of responsibility in them to clean up after any craft activity. Once this becomes a habit, they will know that cleaning up is a part of the end-process of any hands-on activity.


With adequate preparation and knowledge, as well as the right supplies and tools, your resin craft activities with your kids can be a breeze. You can purchase all required supplies and tools on our website, or make an appointment to visit us, and our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you in-person.

If you are afraid to take the first step at home, always know that you can sign your kids up for a kid-friendly workshop at Resin Play, and let them experience hands-on fun in our cosy studio.

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