5 Benefits of Introducing Your Child to Arts and Crafts

5 Benefits of Introducing Your Child to Arts and Crafts

What does your child enjoy doing most? Many activities can help your child discover their artistic potential and introduce them to the world of art. This has numerous benefits for their social, emotional and physical well-being. Even though the norm is to incorporate technology into a child’s daily life these days, arts and crafts bring about multiple advantages in addition to it being an enjoyable activity.

Encouraging your little one to create art allows them to express themselves more creatively, making it a memorable experience for all parties involved. Art and craft projects undoubtedly involve a lot more work, but the benefits for your child far outweigh the cons. Here are five benefits of introducing arts and crafts to your child.

1. Improves Motor and Coordination Skills 

Many art and craft activities such as resin art pouring, casting, wheel throwing pottery and model-making, trains your child to use their hands with great dexterity, coupled with practising good hand-eye coordination. Building up their motor and coordination skills now will give them greater confidence to problem-solve and navigate their daily activities in life as they grow up.

2. Encourages Expression

There’s no better way to express oneself than art! Art is a good way for children to explore and express their inner thoughts and emotions, as along as they use art materials suitable for their age group. Resin Play’s crystal clear epoxy resin starter kits are suitable for children aged 7 years old and above (when used as instructed, supervised by an adult). You can have fun with your child in creating beautiful and useful items for the house, such as coasters, trinket trays and more! This will enable them to express their creativity with resin and play a part in designing something of their own for the home.

3. Enhances Social Skills 

Arts and crafts create a common ground for kids with different personalities and backgrounds to mingle and interact. When your child discovers their interests, they would naturally participate and interact with other kids with similar interests. This will encourage your child to make new friends while engaging in arts and crafts.

At Resin Play, we offer child-friendly workshops for kids aged 7 to 10. Some examples of our activities include resin art pouring, Jesmonite marbling to make a trinket tray, and fun with flowers where your child can create jewellery pendants or coasters! We use certified non-toxic and non-hazardous resin in our child-friendly workshops, so you can certainly put your mind at ease.

4. Prompts Critical Thinking

Art comes with endless choices and possibilities, and every art medium has different properties and characteristics that make it interesting and challenging for the maker. How do I create texture and dimensions with this medium? Which colours go well together? How many layers should I pour before the resin starts to harden? Art will inspire your little one to think critically when working with a challenging medium, especially a time-sensitive one like resin, to create the outcomes that they desire.

5. Improves Focus & Memory

The process of making art requires focus, attention, visualisation and memory. Your child will need to remember the steps required to create their artwork. Sitting at the table to complete their artwork also puts them in a situation where they are required to focus on their project. This will also not only help to improve their attention span, which is often depleted by prolonged screen time, but also allows them to exercise their muscle memory and gain more confidence in handling the art medium.


Art and craft activities are an excellent way to develop your child’s mind and health. They not only promote creativity and imagination, but also improve your child’s focus, critical thinking and social skills. Besides, think about the fun and enjoyable quality time that you will spend with them, creating together. As with each type of activity, it is important to get the right art materials and safety tools to make your resin art journey a breeze.

Check out Resin Play’s best epoxy resin kit for beginners and explore making resin pieces such as coasters, jewellery, silicone moulds and more. Pick your fun and start crafting with your kids today!

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