Local Actress Shu An Visits Resin Play

We invited local celebrity, host and actress, Shu An to our cosy studio to try out our new Flowers Forever Earrings Starter Kit.



Find out how this young lady managed to work the material like a pro despite having no prior experience with resin.

##throwback to our-one-on one session with @let_it_go_shu 🤣🥰. Anyone else wants to be our guest at Resin Play? ##letsplay ##resinplay ##beourguest

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As you can see, it didn't stop there.....She requested to try our Alcohol Ink Art Starter Kit and made a series of 4 alcohol ink postcards. 


Here's Shu An posing with the Flowers Forevers Earrings that she had made, as "requested" by her ardent fans. 

Photo credits: https://www.instagram.com/oonshuan

This gung-ho lady even single-handedly filmed an entire video (yes.. while playing with resin at the same time), documenting her experience with us. Check out her amazing video below and watch till the end for a very satisfying ASMR.


Thank you Shu An for this wonderful afternoon with our team! If you're looking to try your hands on the kits that she did, they're available for purchase online or in-store (by appointment only). You may also check out our full range of starter kits here.

Want to be a guest at our studio? Write to us and tell us why we should invite you down for a session.

Stay tuned till our next guest appearance!

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