ArtPlay Haus


ArtPlay Haus is our sister brand; a brand new space for the healing arts, offering the following services below:



We offer a curated range of art workshops that are fun and therapeutic. Enjoy resin workshops conducted by Elaine and her team of teachers, or fun crafty workshops conducted by invited artists. Add a personal touch to your artworks (for selected workshops) with our complimentary custom engraving service.

Selected workshops are suitable for children aged 7 and above, and we strongly encourage families to sign up for some bonding fun!

Got young kids you can’t leave behind? Sign them up for ArtPlay jamming on the side. Or...if your kids are attending a workshop, hang around our studio for some ArtPlay jamming fun. It works both ways!



Our spontaneous ArtPlay jamming sessions are perfect for those seeking a last minute recharge. If you haven’t booked a slot, simply call us or drop in to join in the fun (as along as there is availability). Enjoy creating art while overlooking lush greenery and the beautiful scenery of Beach Road.

Participants can paint on panels or coasters, or opt for craft play using a variety of craft materials such as pom-poms, beads and more. Enjoy our complimentary resin glazing service to add a premium finish to your art pieces.

ArtPlay jamming is suitable for all ages. Children under 7 years old require parental accompaniment.



Designed and conducted by veteran art therapist, Christine Tok, our art therapy workshops offer participants the tools to support their mental and emotional well-being.

We offer group art therapy as we believe that participants can reap the combined benefits of professional help from a therapist as well as collective support from other members in the group.

By making art therapy more accessible, we hope to encourage individuals to maintain their mental health regularly.

For private family / group art therapy, please fill up this form and we will be in touch with you soon.



Our vibrant, family-friendly space is ideal for unforgettable private events and gatherings, accommodating up to 24 guests, or 18 if you need space for food and cake cutting. Whether it's a birthday bash, a hen party, or any special celebration, ArtPlay Haus provides the perfect space to make your celebration truly memorable!

The space is also ideal for all kinds of art workshops. If you are an artist seeking for a conducive space to conduct your workshops, please get in touch with us too.

A chiller, water dispenser, music speakers, projector and screen can be provided upon request.

To enquire more, please fill up this form and we will be in touch with you soon.