Resin Play Stories...❤️

Sharing stories of our students who continue to play with resin.

Student spotlight: Tsuyinn

Tsuyinn is a local jewellery designer who works with precious materials such as jade and baroque pearls (and most recently, resin) to create elegant classics that have won the hearts of many brides. When she first approached me, she shared enthusiastically about wanting to learn all about resin with the hopes of incorporating them into her work. 

She attended our acrylic and resin jewellery workshop, mould-making and resin casting workshop, as well as our 10-hour resin jewellery making workshop which gave her a very good foundation of the medium.

After many resin sessions with her, I am really excited to share with you her first resin jewellery collection, "Humble New Beginnings".

The collection showcases jade-coloured resin baubles which offered a lighter and more casual, everyday-wear alternative to jade.  

Resin jewellery handcrafted by Tsuyinn. Photo credits:

Tsuyinn tells me how much she enjoys playing with resin and wished that she had more time to experiment with the addictive material. I am amazed by how she has infused a non-precious material like resin into her classic signature style.

Resin jewellery handcrafted by Tsuyinn. Photo credits: Instagram

In her last message to me, she said, "Thank you for teaching me all that you know!"

My pleasure! ❤️

Check out more of Tsuyinn's work at


Student spotlight: Ly Yeow

A piece of resin art can be a strong centrepiece, but it also makes a beautiful background for many other things and new creations. Every piece of resin art has a story with endless possibilities of further use and application.

Ly Yeow was one of my very first few students (yay) who came for a resin art workshop when I first opened Resin Play. By a stroke of fate and chance, she was introduced to me by an old friend of mine, Dawn Tan (also an artist) who happened to visit Singapore at the same time that I had just started Resin Play.

During the class, Ly kept making waves and patterns with blues and teals -  I was curious as to what she was getting at.

It was not until she tagged me in her photos that I discovered that she was a sea painter! Ly was creating a sea backdrop for her beautiful creatures. I was taken away by what she did with her resin art piece. Just take a look at some of her creations.

Ly's beautiful ladies swimming in a sea of resin. Photo credits: Instagram

I absolutely love how she creates mesmerising seascapes with resin to bring out the story of her characters. A very brilliant and inspiring play with resin!

Do check out more of Ly's work here: @Lyyeow

If you’re a student at Resin Play, we'd love to see how you have continued playing with resin. Tag us or email us to share your work!