Green Seascape Pigment Set
Green Seascape Pigment Set
Green Seascape Pigment Set
Green Seascape Pigment Set

Green Seascape Pigment Set

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Whether you are a beginner or a professional, we have put together this handy seascape pigment set so you easily can create beautiful seascape resin art with no sweat!

This green seascape pigment set contains tried-and-tested, high quality resin pigments essential to creating seascape resin art. It includes a mini jar of our hand-blended lacing white pigment, the key ingredient to creating sea foam effects in your seascapes.

The secret to creating seascape art is also revealed in a step-by-step guide where we share tricks and techniques discovered from our many countless seascape experiments.  

Each Seascape pigment set consists of:

As this is a pigments set, there is no resin included. We recommend using ArtCoat™ for best results.

The coasters shown in this listing are made using our acrylic coaster bases and the pigments in this pigment set. Please take note that the coasters are NOT included in the set. You may purchase the acrylic coaster bases separately.

Our seascape pigment sets are available in other colours as well: Blue seascape and Turquoise seascape.

Enjoy super savings when you purchase this pigment set! All the supplies included in this pigment set are valued at $60 (if items were to be purchased separately).

Please take note that the epoxy pastes are packed by weight. As different colours have different densities, some bottles will look more full than others. Pigments with very high density will fill up to less than half of the bottle. Rest assured that you will get 15g of each colour pigment.


Can you recommend any other materials or tools that I may need for this project?

Here is a list of other items you may need or want to consider getting (some are optional), if you don't already have them:

We recommend getting our home studio set up tool kit which contains most of the items listed above.

Creating beautiful sea waves with our hand blended lacing white pigment and ArtCoat resin. 🌊 ##seaart ##resinsea ##seawaves ##beach ##resinart ##resinplay

♬ I Can Feel It v3 - Nick Sena and Danny Echevarria

Safety Information:

Do not inhale powder. Avoid eye and skin contact. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment dependent on individual application and sensitivity.

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