Jesmonite AC730 Liquid Only (1Kg)
Jesmonite AC730 Liquid Only (1Kg)
Jesmonite AC730 Liquid Only (1Kg)
Jesmonite AC730 Liquid Only (1Kg)

Jesmonite AC730 Liquid Only (1Kg)

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Prices reduced to clear an older batch. Rest assured that product is sealed from factory and the final product is not affected. Jesmonite has advised that shelf life of 18 months starts from when bottles are opened. 

Jesmonite AC730 is a rapid setting acrylic polymer modified cementitious composite. 

This listing is for the AC730 liquid component only, it does not include the powder base. If you need both the liquid and powder base, please purchase the AC730 kit instead.

You may tweak the ratio of powder to liquid slightly to vary the viscosity of your mixture. I.e. More liquid can be added to the powder base for a more fluid mixture, less liquid can be added to thicken the mixture. However take note that by doing so, you will compromise the strength and durability of the product. 

Please refer to this user guide for tips on working with AC730.


Products benefits

  • Superior cast and glass reinforced mouldings
  • Solvent free & no VOCs
  • Fire resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistant



  • Shrinkage compensated material of low permeability.
  • Durable in all conditions of external weathering including water features.
  • Reduced free-lime content, with low alkalinity, leading to major reductions in efflorescence in comparison with ordinary Portland cement systems.
  • Contains a fine decorative aggregate and powder pigments, carefully controlled to give a consistent decorative surface finish after treatment with a proprietary brick cleaner or acid etch.


Please take note that you will need a weighing scale to accurately measure the amount of Jesmonite you need to use, which is not included in the kit.  



Useful Guides & Technical Data Sheet





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