MintSil (Soft) - Opaque Soft Fast Set Silicone Rubber
MintSil (Soft) - Opaque Soft Fast Set Silicone Rubber
MintSil (Soft) - Opaque Soft Fast Set Silicone Rubber

MintSil (Soft) - Opaque Soft Fast Set Silicone Rubber

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MintSil™ (Soft) opaque silicone rubber is a high quality platinum (addition-cure) silicone rubber ideal for creating moulds that require great flexibility. The silicone rubber has a temperature resistance of 200 to 220°C, making it suitable for making baking moulds.

Moulds made with opaque silicone rubber are great for spotting bubbles in clear resin castings (as bubbles are more visible on a darker surface), so you can easily pop or release them.

It has great bubble release so you can create moulds without bubbles affecting the mould cavities. It is non-toxic, food-grade, skin-safe and safe to use indoors.

A user-friendly choice for beginners due to its 1 to 1 mixing ratio. Cures at room temperature.

If you are looking for an opaque silicone rubber that is firmer for greater stability, check out our MintSil (Firm) Silicone Rubber. For translucent or transparent silicone rubber, we recommend our IceSil and ClearSil range.


Key Advantages

  • Great bubble release
  • Fast setting
  • Easy to demould
  • High heat resistance
  • Non-toxic (Food-grade & skin-safe)
  • Safe for home use

Recommended for making moulds of

  • Objects with intricate details / undercuts such as figurines, bowls
  • Jewellery pendants


Note: The silicone rubber may not cure if there are contaminants on the surface of the master. As MintSil™ is a platinum (addition-cure) silicone rubber, contact with some materials such as sulphur-based clay, tin-cured silicone rubber, latex rubber, paint products and certain 3D-printed plastic, may also inhibit its curing process. Uncured rubber can be difficult to remove from your masters and may stain them. Hence, we recommend performing a small test on your master before making your actual mould.

Shelf Life

The silicone rubber has a shelf life of 1 year when stored under dry and cool conditions in sealed packaging.


Although the silicone rubber is non-toxic, it is still a chemical and you are advised to follow product usage instructions and wear personal protective equipment. For more information on safety, please refer to the SDS available at


The technical specifications and information is given in good faith and based on our test results obtained but without warranty. The information may differ when the silicone rubber is used in different environments, if pigments are added, or due to the material of the master or any external-related factors. The application, use and processing of the products are beyond our control and Resin Play in respect of any sale of its products shall be determined by the terms of its conditions of sale.

Data Sheets

MintSil™ (Soft) Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

MintSil™ (Soft) Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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